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Summer Camps

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Camp Locations: Polo Fields and Fowler Park - see your email for details prior to camp

Summer Challenge Camp
5 years old & Up – All Skill Levels/
Camp 1: June 7-11, 2021
9am-12pm: $150 (half-day camp)
9am-4pm: $225 (full-day camp)
Camp 2: June 21-25, 2021
9am-12pm: $150 (half-day camp)
9am-4pm: $225 (full-day camp)
Camp 3: July 12-16, 2021
9am-12pm: $150 (half-day camp)
9am-4pm: $225 (full-day camp)

Summer Ball Mastery Camp
Rising U8 & Up- Academy/Select
Times: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Camp 1: June 7-11, 2021
$180 (5-day camp)
Camp 2: June 21-25, 2021
$180 (5-day camp)
Camp 3: July 12-16, 2021
$180 (5-day camp)

Summer Striker/Keeper Camp
Rising U9 & Up - Academy/Select
Times: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Dates: July 19-22, 2021
$180 (4-day camp)

United Futbol Academy is committed to provide training camps that promote a higher level of play through technical and tactical training in a FUN yet demanding atmosphere. 

Our objective is to identify areas that need improvement and provide training to help players advance their skill level. Campers will learn that with commitment, hard work, patience and confidence, they can succeed. 

Why Come To Our Camps? 

  • Receive as much attention regardless of skill level.
  • Be exposed to various forms of technical and tactical training.
  • Experience intense but fun training. 
  • Be challenged to set new limits for yourself.
  • Gain the kind of confidence that inspires others.
  • Work with qualified staff and learn from professional coaches.

The camps incorporate fun games and activities, while instituting a solid understanding of the game in each camper. Players will be grouped by age and ability and learn in a comfortable but challenging environment.

Challenge Camps: The Challenge Camps are aimed at U6 and up.  The players will be split into age and ability appropriate groups to better facilitate the developmental level of the players attending the camp. The camps will be fun and challenging, building on the skill sets of the player.  There will be plenty of emphasis on foot skills and small sided games to help develop the technical and tactical aspects of soccer.  Each session will finish with a scrimmage. During each session, mini competitions will be organized to encourage players to sharpen their play. 

Ball Mastery & Striker/Keeper Camps: UFA Elite Camps are geared toward Academy/Select level players. Recreational players can participate in the camp upon recommendation from Jeff Salas, Rec Director - Forsyth or Samantha Addington, UFA Mountains. Click here for more information on these camps.

Weather Policy:
Sessions may be rescheduled due to bad weather.  Any rain-outs will be made up if possible, at the same time and location. Sign up for EMAIL alerts at RainedOut here, enter your email address, then enter the validation code and subscribe to FORSYTH. Note: RainedOut will begin charging a fee to receive Text Alerts so please be sure to enter your email.

UFA has a no-refund policy. 

Please contact us with any questions by email at camps_clinics@unitedfa.org and we look forward to seeing you there!

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