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Fast Track Training Program


For U7& up UFA Recreational players who are interested in a more serious and intense training program. 

A demanding training program, “Fast Track Training Program” will not only challenge its participants during sessions, but will also specifically require players to keep perfecting their skills through extra work at home. The focus will be on acquiring and mastering proper basic soccer skills, crucial for the Academy level.


In addition to the usual once or twice a week practice with their recreational team, a more intense training will be held once a week by a UFA staff trainer. 

  • 1 hour/week practice
  • 8 week training program
  • Fees are $120 for all 8 weeks ($15.00 per session)

An email will be sent out to our Rec membership detailing the program, directions on how to register, and schedule the week leading into the first regular season game.

*Please note, this program is not a guarantee to move up to the Academy or Select Program, but an opportunity to be exposed to a higher level of training. 

Questions?  Contact  Jeff Salas 

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