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Aug 30, 2019
On Saturday afternoon, as our family returned home from Avery’s 10th birthday party, we could not have ever been prepared for what was to come. There were about a dozen fire trucks, police and EMT in front of our home. The electric pole in front of the house was struck by lighting and traveled through the wires into the house and it was set on fire. Everything we owned has been lost. 
Our twelve year old dog Trooper, passed away from smoke inhalation. He was the centerpiece of our family. Just four days earlier we had brought home a pair of beautiful 10 week old sister puppies. They were rushed to the ER vet. Lily passed away last night. It looks like Lola, the little fighter she is, is going to make it. Our amazing cat, T, whom we’ve had since before Yvette knew me, is still missing. We pray he made it out. 
We never ask for help when it comes to personal hardships, but this time, we cannot do this by ourselves. We have been lucky enough to experience what an amazing community we live in through the support we’ve already received. Clothing, hotel, emotional and mental support, and so much of their time. It’s enough to bring us to tears over and over again. We will be spending the rest of our lives paying it forward and helping others in need.
A friend of ours has setup a GoFundMe page to assist us in rebuilding our lives. As difficult as it is to ask for help, I am asking this time. Prayers, donations, messages, calls all mean the world to us and our family. 
Thank you.
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