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Mgment. of all sports & fitness coaches and their compliance with health programs and directives. Organize & direct fitness programs for various team sessions & summer skills camps. Master in Business Administration. Qualified candidates to send CV to United Futbol Academy, PO Box 1168, Cumming, GA 30028.

Responsible to the Director of Soccer for the management of all sports and fitness coaches and their compliance with the health programs and directives. Manage coaches, groups and individuals to ensure conformance with established guidelines of soccer program fundamentals. Organize and direct fitness programs for various team sessions and summer camps. Develop and manage athlete evaluation criteria to assess strengths and weaknesses and recommend fitness and skills training accordingly. Direct physical conditioning programs to enable athletes to achieve maximum performance and skills techniques at various levels of competition. Direct coaching and fitness personnel in all areas as instructed by the Director of Soccer. Responsible for logistics management relating to out of state trips for the elite teams. Manage administrative work for elite teams to include: player registration, player and parent education and meetings.


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