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TOPSoccer is for youths with varying disabilities that are given the opportunity to play soccer in a caring coaching environment. The program is designed to help children improve physically, cognitively and socially through fun games and roleplaying. Our players will participate in physical soccer-related games and activities in a fun and pressure free environment providing the opportunity to be active, improve their self-esteem and learn foundational sports skills. We promise to stress in no particular order: Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship and FUN.


Please Note: TOPSoccer is now back at Polo Fields at 6050 Majors Rd., Cumming, GA 30040

TOPSoccer Will Resume in Fall 2024
Participation Fee:
  $45 (includes jersey)
Field: Polo Fields, 6050 Majors Rd., Cumming, GA 30040
Day/Time: Saturdays, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM 
First Session
Last Session
TOPSoccer Medical Authorization & Release Form (Please complete and deliver to Coordinator)

Basic Information about the Program

  • Youths ages 4 - 14 with mental or physical disabilities
  • Participants can be male or female
  • Placement of players based on ability, not age

Benefits of the Program

  • Meaningful experience for players.
  • Achievement of individual goals.
  • The TOPSoccer athlete will develop a sense of belonging to a community and will learn the value of being part of a team.
  • The athlete will experience an increase in self-esteem, fitness and social skills.
  • Emphasis on ability not disability.


  • All ages $45/player
  • Uniforms and insurance included in participation fees
  • Only new players need to fill out the forms, but all must register.

TOPSoccer Medical Authorization & Release Form (Please complete and deliver to Coordinator)

For general TOPSoccer information, contact Robin Bilderback topsoccer@unitedfa.org.

Want to volunteer? 

While it is helpful to have some experience with children that have disabilities, it is not a prerequisite. The teams/groups are coached and administered in much the same way as any recreational team.  Please contact info@unitedfa.org to volunteer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All children with Down Syndrome must have atlanto-axial series xray completed and results reviewed prior to first practice.

There are many of young athletes with disabilities around us who are looking for an opportunity to play. These children are already in our programs…they are sitting on our sideline benches and chairs watching their siblings play.  UFA wants to give them a chance to play too. 


Harrison and Katie LOVE soccer now and look forward to every practice!!!  I can't tell you what it feels like (albeit I suspect you do know!) how my heart was filled with joy when they were so disappointed that the game was canceled and that soccer was over!!  Harrison even said how much he loved soccer!!  They have never been this enthused about sports EVER....Tears of joy rolling down my face!!
Thanks for all you do!!
~Jenn Missell
Megan joined the TOPSoccer program at the age of four, and her parents were excited to find an inclusive program for Megan to be involved. Megan enjoys meeting new friends, learning about the sport, and most importantly, having fun! TOPSoccer
offered all of this and more. There was even one season where she was the only girl on the team, and all the boys were much older. That didn’t intimidate Megan at all. She continued to show drive and determination. Megan can also be seen encouraging her teammates and cheering them on. At one point, her younger sister, Emma, wanted to play after sitting on thesidelines and watching for years, but she was too scared  and shy to join her own team. She joined Megan on the field, where she gained confidence and learned some basics of the game. After two seasons, Emma joined an all-girls recreational team through UFA and continues to love the program. Megan is now twelve and has been playing every fall and spring season since she started. The TOPSoccer program has been wonderful for Megan, providing a platform where there is a significant need in the community. Her family has enjoyed watching her grow and develop within the program. Through her involvement with the program, Megan has developed leadership skills and camaraderie with her peers, making TOPSoccer an essential part of her childhood
- Allison Peake


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