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Referee Program FAQs


What is the difference between an In-House Referee and a Certified Referee?
An In-House Referee has not been certified with US Soccer but can still be assigned to our in-house recreational games U12 and younger. A Certified Referee must be 13 years old and has taken and passed the US Soccer Grass Roots Certification Course and is eligible to be assigned to all game levels. 

How do I get certified?
New Referees - Sign Up Herehttps://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/courses/available/6/course-info for the Grassroots Referee certification and complete the following THREE (3) steps:

Step #1: Register at the link above and complete ALL online assignments associated with the US Soccer Learning Center Grassroots Referee course. After registering, in the Assignments Tab you will find the following assignments that must be 100% completed BEFORE attending both Step #2 and Step #3:

  • Online Grassroots Referee Course
  • Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
  • First Time Grassroots Quiz
  • LOTG Update
  • If you are 18 years of age or older, you must ALSO complete SafeSport and the NCSI Background Screening
  • If you are awaiting the NCSI background screening to clear, you may attend the FTE prior to this occurring.

Step #2: Attend the New Referee Field Training Event (FTE) (4 hours). The date and location of the field session are in the course details. If you miss the FTE, you will be transferred to a general holding course in the LC and you will need to attend a different FTE.

Step #3: After completing everything in the Assignments Tab and attending the FTE, you must attend ONE (1) Virtual Zoom session (1 hour) to finalize your certification.

How do I sign up for the UFA Referee Academy In-House Program?
Complete our form here.

How old do I need to be?
In-House UFA Referees can start at any age depending upon the maturity of the individual child. We have had many successful game officials who began their career at 10 years old and many join with their parents. You will be assigned games appropriate to you age. In order to be a Certified Referee, you must be 13 years old. There is no age limit as long as physically able to handle the job.

What uniform do I need?

  • UFA In-House Referees will be provided a UFA Referee Academy shirt and will only need to purchase a watch (with stopwatch feature) and a whistle.
  • Certified Referees can purchase the official kit from a variety of outlets. We recommend Officialsports.com but they are available on Amazon.comRefereestore.com and more.

How much will I make?
Referee pay ranges between $16-$80 per game and depending upon certification, position, age group and game level. All fees can be found in the UFA Game Officials account depending upon level and age group. Details can be found in your gameofficials.net account.

How do I get paid?
Information on the new Assignr.com program will be out soon. Please email referee@unitedfa.org to get on the distribution list.

Will I be working with other referees or will I be on my own?
All games U12 and younger generally only have one center referee. Occasionally, games will have a center referee and two asst. referees (linesmen). 

How many games do I need to work?
You are in control of your schedule. Each week, you will set your availability in Assignr.com and you will be assigned accordingly. This way, you can schedule around your own games and personal plans.

How will I learn what to do? What training or mentoring is offered?
UFA will hold regular training clinics for In-House and Certified Referees. We encourage our referees to attend as many training sessions as possible as they will be able to ask questions and get feedback. Mentors will periodically be available on the weekends to help provide feedback as you continue to learn. We encourage all eligible referees to get certified. Click here for the list of upcoming courses.

What are the rules I need to know?
UFA In-House Referees need to be familiar with Recreational Soccer Rules. Please click here for a link to rules for all leagues.

What happens if I get injured at the field?
If you get hurt and cannot continue the game, please try to arrange the most senior official on your field to take over if you're the center official. Notify your assignor immediately by phone or text. All assignors contact information can be found here.

What do I do if I need to cancel my assignments?
We do expect you to show up and honor your commitment but we understand that things happen. If you find yourself in a position where you need to cancel, please notify us immediately by contacting your assignor directly. All assignors contact information can be found here.

How do I handle unsportsmanlike behaviour?
Our training sessions will help prepare you to handle these types of situations with regard to players, coaches and spectators. We strongly encourage you to attend all sessions and ask questions.

What types of opportunities for advancement are there in refereeing?
In addition to becoming certified, UFA mentors and monitors their referees to identify those individuals who would be candidates to participate in higher level leagues, academies, Olympic Development Program (ODP), even at the high school, college and professional levels.

Questions? Email us at referee@unitedfa.org.

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